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Your bed by the lake

Curtain up for nature

Your bed on the lake opens up a unique, exclusive all-round view of the beauty of Lake Achensee. Spend private and relaxing days directly on the lake. Not only do you get private lake access with a spacious lounger, but you have a special kind of sleeping space – your very own private luxury kingdom right on the water.

What if it rains? Then you simply close the canopy and can listen to the romantic splashing. Our bed by the lake is an adventure for the whole family. You can rotate it with the sun and use it day and night.

Our prices for your private bed on the lake:

14 days: € 945,- / 7 days: € 700,- / 1 day: € 250,-

Beach bar Buchau

The ideal place for light snacks, cool refreshments & delicious ice cream creations.

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